İstanbul: +90 (216) 688 34 36 | Ankara: +90 (312) 265 07 08)

Oguz Keskin
Co-founder, Board Member & Chief Visionary


Oguz, with over two decades on the frontlines of software development in corporate and entrepreneurial settings, brings something rare and extraordinary to the table — he’s a true 10x programer, and an architect of infrastructure and frameworks that transform complexity into simple, elegant and highly functional solutions. This isn’t something that he has learnt to do, but, rather, it’s a natural born talent, which he has applied at some of Turkey’s most respected technology-focused companies before co-founding OBSS in 2005.  And it is this gift for seeing simplicity and solutions where others see complexity and impossibility that is a seminal factor in the technical achievements of our Company, and it is these technical achievements that define and differentiate OBSS.

His inquisitive nature was evident as he started exploring and tinkering while studying computer engineering and information science at Bilkent University, which is one of Turkey’s highest ranked institutions of higher learning.