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OBSS is a repository of remarkable intellectual capital in synergistic specialties ranging from software architecture to coding, from project management to product design, from business domain experts to robotics researchers and from software testers to graphic artists, all of whom are selected because of three essential characteristics: extraordinary talent, extraordinary passion and the personality to leverage both productively and cooperatively in a team.

It’s this team, our team, assembled over a decade, with each new member screened intensively and interviewed by all members of our senior management team, that defines our value. It’s our model, to build a home for those of remarkable talent, and provide the encouragement, the mentoring, the infrastructure and the nurturing of excellence, that allows us to operate as a cohesive team, with individual excellence, delivering outcomes beyond expectations to clients with the most demanding expectations.

This is OBSS. This is the vision of our founders, technologists at heart, with entrepreneurial DNA, that has guided us from day one to our present growth and market position as a powerhouse of intellectual capital in Turkey, with expansion now commencing into the U.S.

Our plans are simple: continue doing what we love.


It’s been a good decade

Founded in 2005 as a means to express our co-founders’ passion for technology and business, fused, and done with an obsessive desire to exceed expectations, OBSS has grown from two people to over 500 and, along the way, we’ve had a bunch of fun and lots of neat accomplishments.
Here are a few examples:

We were the first company to receive venture capital funding from Inovent and we became their most successful investment. In fact, the growth of OBSS exceeded the growth of all their other subsequent investments, combined. And we were even able to buy out their investment in 2009.

We’ve been able to grow our consulting practice from a couple of open-source related projects to become a provider of core business software development for all three of the largest mobile providers in Turkey as well as five of the ten largest banks. We’re also active in many other sectors, providing solutions for numerous Turkish and international clients. We’ve become the largest Java development company in Turkey, the largest in the banking sector too, and we’re the third largest software development company in the mobile sector.

We’re the only Atlassian Platinum Partner in Turkey and we account for approximately 50% of the market share in our home market. And we have a 100% customer satisfaction ranking too.

We’re one of the only companies in Turkey to achieve CMMI Level 3 maturity and we’re now ISO 9001 and 27001 certified too.

We’ve been able to channel our profits into funding a large R&D lab, 60 scholarships per year and mentoring programs for over 100 students per year.

And let’s not forget, our co-founder, Zafer Sen, was recently named an Endeavor Entrepreneur, which we find really cool and we’ve even been presented with a medal from the head of R&D of the Turkish military (the second largest military in NATO) for our excellence in research — and we’re the first and only company to be awarded this honor so far.

Yes, we’re happy, very happy in fact, at what we’ve accomplished since our founding, but we’re hardly complacent. Now we’re focusing on making our second decade even better by doing exactly the same things we’ve done in the past — following our passion with an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations.


Entrepreneurial drive, global experience and hardcore technical expertise


A potent batch of cognitive caffeine

We’re home to a happy and cohesive bunch of very talented folks, many of whom have previously been the top performers at the most respected firms in Turkey. A good number of our team have worked together for many years, often starting as colleagues in their previous companies. And a large percentage of our staff have graduated at the top of their class from Turkey’s 10 highest ranked universities. Even our interns are selected from a pool of students with the highest GPA’s from top universities and many of those interns join OBSS upon graduation.


The insatiably curious rebels in geek gear

Our value is our intellectual capital, which means that recruiting the brightest, most curious, most passionate individuals is our lifeblood, our focus, and our recipe for success. That’s why we’re fanatically focused on finding the best minds and providing them with a wonderful environment in which to grow, to explore and to be appreciated.


The environment nourishes the creative soul

Environment impacts emotions and emotions impact everything — energy, focus and motivation are just the tip of the iceberg — and that’s why we care so much about building an office environment that nourishes the senses and invigorates the mind. It might seem unnecessary to some, but to us it’s part of the fuel mixture that makes OBSS the right home for the rare breed who are perpetually in cognitive overdrive.


Doing our part to nourish a better tomorrow

Pay it forward might sound a tad bit cliched, but it does describe our sense of commitment. We’re not content unless we’re doing something beyond necessary to fuel what we believe matters most: innovation and the minds that make it all possible.

That’s why we’re dedicating resources, measure in cold hard cash as well as a more scarce commodity, time, towards incubating a better tomorrow.


The conceptual engine of a better tomorrow

What we take for granted today, much of which was mere fantasy in the past, was made practical by the march of progress delivered by the curious minds who refused to simply copy. We refuse to copy too, because we’re driven to try our darndest to channel imagination into innovation. And that’s why we’re investing in robotics, autonomous vehicles, clean energy, advanced software development tools and process management technologies among other stuff we find addictively cool.


Ability needs to be nurtured

Potential should never be squandered and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing as many scholarships as possible, so that the most talented students, regardless of economic circumstance, will have as equal an opportunity as possible to exercise their minds and fulfil their promise. That’s why we’ve been providing scholarships for the most promising university students for the past five years and it’s why we plan to continue to invest as heavily as we can in nurturing talent by enabling education.


The lessons of a career, shared

The meaningful, intensive, immersive form of practical training, the apprenticeship, is largely lost in today’s rush from education to profession, and that’s simply wrong. Providing a means to effectively transfer the hard learned lessons of a career spanning decades is an essential ingredient to building a productive workforce, grounded by the experience of a prior generation. And that’s why we commit so much time, from so many of our team, to help foster a better future for a new generation.


Striving for the impossible, one exceptional outcome at a time

We are neither ordinary nor are we ever satisfied because we are an eclectic group with a common dedication at the core of our hearts and souls to constant maturation, both individually and as a cohesive team — and it’s the resulting endless march towards the unattainable objective of perfection, each day and each week and each month, that defines us and explains how we have delivered a steady stream of client outcomes that catapulted OBSS from startup to one of the largest players in our market in just a decade.


Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Quality Policy

Our Mission: To become a brand that sets standards in the information technologies field with its qualified human resources and solutions which provide simplicity and independency for customers.

Our Vision: To establish and maintain long term cooperation with global customers which enables customers to focus on their own core business areas with OBSS’s qualified employees and transparent and continuously improved processes.

Our Quality Policy: With the purpose of becoming a brand that sets standards in the information technologies field with its qualified human resources and solutions which provide simplicity and independency for customers;

    • To give priority to the R&D works aimed to build its own software technology and standard with solutions which provide simplicity and independency,
    • To provide the right software technology with the qualified employees to the customers by keeping up with the latest software technologies,
    • To ensure that projects are transparent, measurable, maintainable, and providing added values to the employees and customers,
    • To establish quality, long-term, and efficient cooperation with the customers who are provided services,
    • To protect information assets with respect to confidentiality, integrity, and availability against all kinds of threats which may internally or externally, or intentionally or unintentionally happen,
    • To create environments with the intention of improving information and skills of employees and students who are studying on software and
  • To become an organization that aims to continuously improve itself with its process approach which is accepted and implemented by the employees, and adopts the principle of satisfied employees leads to satisfied customers view.

Our Information Security Policy
As OBSS, a large part of our customer portfolio includes firms that are widely used information technology (IT); in finance and telecommunications sectors. Because of the nature of our customers;
“Information Security” is important at the highest level for us. In this policy, “Information Security”, is defined as protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability specifications of OBSS’s information assets.

This policy includes all units that are currently using OBSS Computing infrastructure, the users who access as third party of information systems and service, software or hardware provider that provide technical support to information technologies.

OBSS Management Group aims to protect own reliability and image, proving suitable of Information security criteria in contracts which make with third parties, ensure the protection of information assets that have, ensure continue to basic and supportive business actions with minimum interruption and ensure the security information of all physical and electronic information assets used in the performance of IT services.

Risk management framework of OBSS includes defining, evaluating and processing of information security risks. Risk Assessment defines to; how to control the risks of information security with declaration of applicability and risk processing plan.

All employees of OBSS and all external parties described in ISMS are expected to obey policies, procedures, processes and instructions to comply by OBSS.

OBSS Management Group supports to; provide implementation of OBSS Information Security Policy, making control and also the execution of the necessary sanctions in security breaches.