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The Repository of Agile Expertise


Perfected over a decade of practice and refined by fusing an engineering perspective with a keen eye towards the business imperative, OBSS has developed an adaptable, flexible consultancy framework composed from six core modules as follows:



We embed our Agile wizards into your organization to gather business intelligence via interviews, surveys and workshops. This on-the-ground exposure allows us to not only collect information, but more importantly synthesize disparate inputs into an understanding of the causative factors underlying the core pain-points within an entity.

This understanding forms the basis of our recommendations, which can be actioned independently or which can form an action plan for further cooperation.


We inject our expertise in Agile by integrating into your teams to transform process by transforming mindsets. This approach allows teams as a whole and, more importantly, the individuals who compose teams, to adopt Agile methodologies as they adapt to the thought process underlying agility.

The net effect can be transformational as Agile principles, embraced mindfully, fundamentally alter the pace of change and the quality of change, thus redefining what is a sustainable pace of business transformation.

And even in those rare cases where embedding is not an option, we can tailor remote coaching to at least bootstrap the process of melding minds into engines of agile thought.


Transformation, done right, is a constant pursuit, as to remain competitive one must view compliancy as the enemy of business acumen. And that is precisely why we preach our practice of infecting urgency into the souls of our team and our clients. As catalysts of change, we seek to provoke our clients, entire organizations, large bodies of individuals fused into a common vision, to think of tomorrow, today. We seek to spread this passion of agility, to make this spirit contagious. To turn individuals into evangelists of change is our mantra.

But practice has made us pragmatic and that is why we’re mindful that the type of impactful change we’re talking about, where psyches are forever altered, does not occur overnight. Rather, it’s a function of prolonged, persistent and expert tutoring. And that is precisely why each client engagement is a highly customized affair delivered over a long period of engagement and in a highly interactive format.

Tool & Process Customisation

Because the process of transformation is a challenging one, the goal should always be to minimize the fractions of change wherever and however possible. But the question is how and the answer is simple: beyond retaining the right experts as guides to altering the corporate soul, there are tools of the trade that diminish the complexity, abrasion and timelines of systemic organization change.

One key suite of tools is delivery by the Austrian company, Atlassian, who is leading the change and pioneering many of the programmatic mechanisms of agility. It is these tools that we not only recommend, but these are the tools that we provide, as Tukey’s only Atlassian Platinum Partner. And, moreover, with one of the world’s largest in-house Atlassian engineering departments, we have the skills, resources and experience to leverage the Atlassian platform while building the type of customized software that can meaningfully alter the equation when transitioning from an enervated state to the agile mindset.


Embracing an agile mindset is a big step but not the only step towards transformation. Unfortunately, successful reengineering of the soul of an enterprise requires reengineering the pragmatic practices of agile development itself. And this is something that requires a special set of skills, itself a challenge to acquire and best learnt by a form of apprenticeship, carried out interactively by exposing client technical staff to our internal methods of embracing the core predicate of agile development.
For this reason, we strive to create collaborative environments, where technical teams at our clients are paired with our Agile Wizards to infuse far more than book smarts. By using this form of interactive, highly collaborative training we can accelerate the practical skills to realize the transformation in desires that come from learning the Agile ways.


Knowledge is the seed of transformation, fertilized by motivation. And this is why we go far beyond the traditional boundaries of “training” and “consulting”. What we strive for is a true knowledge transfer from our Agile Wizards to our client’s, fertilized by the reasons to embrace guided change.


Our training program embraces, in the truest sense, this notion of incubating deep knowledge because our ultimate goal is that each of our clients become, themselves, an organization of agile wizards.
Towards this end, we fuse practical training, born from practice, extended by a deep theoretical understanding of methodology of change and efficiency, further refined by adherence to the standards and objectives of Agile training as defined by the global leader in Scrum, the Scrum Alliance.


For more details on the breath and range of our training options, please review our training catalogue and feel free to contact us for a more personalized discussion of options and strategies to accomplish meaningful knowledge transform.