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The Repository of Agile Expertise

The inextirpable march of technology has permeated every facet of life and has fundamentally altered the pace at which business evolves. We’re now firmly entrenched in a society where expectations push the boundaries of possibilities and where adaptation to sea change is no longer an outlier event but, rather, the normal course.

This maturation of expectations has forever altered the business playing field, making simple survival a nearly insurmountable challenge. That is, unless the core methods and methodologies of business evolve to embrace a level of agility that matches the pace of change trigged by exponential growth of technology.

Enter Agile

Agile is methodology, a way of thought, a process innovation that mandates evolution, adaptation, collaboration and continuous improvement. It’s the modernization of what was corporate hierarchy into an agile form of adaptive enterprise, capable of delivery in an era of Internet-driven time.

The Agile process is the antidote to the challenges imposed by time compression and the intricacies of today’s project development. It enables a level of efficiency only possible via deep collaboration, rapid iterations and flexible response to the inevitable march of change.

Since its formation at DuPont and subsequent refinement by James Martin, James Kerr and others, it’s been the proven path. And ever since the publication of Manifesto for Agile Software Development, it’s a path itself evolved to optimize software development.

For well over a decade, corporations have progressively embraced and refined the core principles of Agile; core principles that, time and again, have transformed complacency in the enterprise into the agility necessary to innovate the bits and bytes that drive commerce. And while agility, in it’s common meaning, is essential for mere survival in today’s world, the Agile process, when practiced with excellence, is what drives exceptional delivery, and exceptional delivery is the catalyst of sustainable corporate growth.


The imperative to become, as an organization and individually, more agile, starts with an appreciation of the potential that comes from embracing this proven paradigm of agile efficiency, but the realization alone isn’t enough. Rather, it takes time, focus, study, practice and refinement.

But time is the enemy of effective change.

And that’s why corporations, from the largest multinationals to the earliest seed stage startups are, more and more often, turning to the masters of Agile, the Agile Wizards, to infuse the expertise and transfer the knowledge necessary to rapidly, efficiently and effectively transition into an agile enterprise.


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