İstanbul: +90 (216) 688 34 36 | Ankara: +90 (312) 265 07 08)

Alev A. Aydın
Director, Quality & Process Management


Alev, having spent over two decades refining her craft, with the most recent decade focused on quality management systems and information security R&D, brings a combination of technology, research and business understanding to the practice at OBSS. Her focus is constant refinement, driven by an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of perfection, delivered as a constant stream of refinements. With an eye for detail that is equally balanced by an understanding of the business imperatives of deadlines, she’s a driving force for software done right at OBSS.

Alev’s appreciation of the intersection of quality and deliverables can be traced back to her undergraduate and graduate studies in advanced aerospace technology engineering at Istanbul Technical University, one of Turkey’s highest ranked universities, during the 1990’s.