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A S S E S S M E N T / D E S I G N


SDLC Assessment:

  • In assessing the current state of your application lifecycle, OBSS uses a combination of capabilities focused on PPM, ALM & DevOps to identify areas of improvement, from business needs, software requirements and implementation, quality assurance, and ultimately deployment and operations.  Analysis of the performance level of your current process will be completed and areas for improvement will be identified. A prioritized implementation roadmap will be tailored for your business.

Solution Design:

  • Designing solutions around and incorporating Atlassian Tools and other best of breed tools is our expertise. Selecting the most effective tool to deliver the right value to your business at the right time is critical. OBSS knowledge of the SDLC and available vendor tools are integral in making the best choices.
  • Each organization, whether based on size, maturity or industry have a particular way of doing what they do. Truth is, you wouldn’t be in business if you weren’t already doing something right!  Whether the business value you seek can be achieved with Project/Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Lifecycle Management(ALM), Agile Methodologies, Industry Compliance, DevOps or some combination; OBSS will focus on delivering the best process, tools and people to help you achieve the greatest value out of your application development teams.  

OBSS brings real software development lifecycle expertise to each client engagement.  We love to solve problems of all sizes.  How can we help you?


Part of our value added implementation services may begin with the migration of your data.   OBSS will confidently help you to migrate your current data, avoiding frustration, costly, and cumbersome processes.  

Our Migration Process:

1. Identification: The first phase of a migration project is to identify and explore the source environments

2. Assessment: Next we assess the quality of the environment we’re migrating from to understand what, if any data inconsistencies, incorrect or duplicate data exist.

3. Design: We will configure the target system such that all fields, attributes and workflows are setup.

4. Prepare: Develop a migration process that is scalable and reliable and time-measurable. Scripts are developed for transferring data to the target system.

5. Extraction of Data: After testing, the time comes to migrate your data.  In most cases the source systems are shut down and the migration occurs over a weekend or holiday to minimize the impact to your business units.

6. Transition: At some point after the migration you’ll move from the old system to the new.  During the ‘extraction of data’ phase, audit trails and logs will be reviewed to ensure a successful migration.  At this point in the process we also validate and report on the data we’ve migrated.

OBSS brings real migration expertise to each client engagement.  We love to solve problems of all sizes.  How can we help you?

I M P L E M E N T A T I O N   ( O n e C y l e )

Atlassian Consulting & Professional Services:

OBSS is a premier provider of mission critical products and solutions that include and integrate with the Atlassian product stack.  OBSS provides Enterprises with a range of consulting services that help them maximise the value from their investment in areas such as; Project & Portfolio Management, ALM / Agile SDLC, Continuous Integration and DevOps. From performance tuning and scaling to integrating with other systems in the lifecycle, we help organizations focus on delivering high quality software to their customers.


OBSS  consultants have incomparable expertise aligned to an understanding of delivering value to engineering and IT. They ensure the system delivered is configured, installed and tuned to align with both the the business and user needs. That experience and expertise includes advisement on the methodologies our customers should either adopt or adapt.


OBSS is also adept at dealing with issues of extreme performance and scale, working in environments where compliance is non-negotiable. As a result of this experience OBSS is well placed to provide assessments of your current practice and environment for proactive capacity and performance planning.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM):

Our Application Lifecycle Management (OneCycle) methodology takes a holistic view of the application lifecycle, helping customers to plan and implement changes to their processes and toolsets. Find out more about OBSS OneCycle.



Enterprise-grade Atlassian Support.

Providing enterprise-grade Atlassian support is what keeps you up and running effectively and efficiently.  By providing 3 support level options, you have both choice and flexibility. Our offerings are:

Gold: The GOLD Support package gives you access to OBSS Atlassian support which includes web-based issue tracking, web based technical assistance and Atlassian software usage help from a team of certified specialists.  Each feature of the GOLD Support package is carefully designed to provide value to your business so you can effectively:

  • Enable Maximum Productivity
  • Optimize Potential and Performance
  • Reduce Costs & Risk

GoldPlus: As a GoldPlus Support customer, you will be connected to OBSS support engineers who have advanced knowledge of Atlassian products.  The GOLDplus Support Desk is staffed with people who are best positioned to help your organization to optimize Atlassian performance.  In addition to telephone access to the support staff, GoldPlus customers are provided with extended coverage and an increased allowance of incidents.

As a PLATINUM Support customer, you will receive an advanced, individualized support experience, from a small team of senior support engineers, completely aligned to your goals.  As an extension of your team, the PLATINUM Support personnel help you pro-actively create and execute a support plan that reduces the risks of production down-time, optimizes upgrade and migration projects and minimizes general system performance issues.  Platinum customers have unlimited incident coverage and 24×7 access to OBSS support engineers.


Atlassian Trainings

Trainings for Atlassian users and admins.


JIRA Fundamentals

JIRA Administrators Training

Read More

JIRA Workflows

JIRA Reporting and JQL

JIRA Service Desk Training

JIRA Capture Training

JIRA Agile Training


Confluence Fundamentals Training

Read More

Confluence Administrators Training

Confluence Team Calendars Training

Confluence Questions Training


Stash User Training

Stash Administrator Training


Bamboo User Training

Bamboo Administrator Training


Fisheye User Training

Fisheye Administrator Training


Crucible User Training

Crucible Administrator Training


Clover User Training

Clover Administrator Training


Crowd User Training

Crowd Administrator Training

Plugin Development Training

Plugin Development Training is for the plugin developers. Introduction to Atlassian SDK. Groovy Script. Libraries. Logs


Time In Status allows you to create reports on Read Moreissues that shows how much time each issue spent on each status or on each assignee. This report can be used for performance measurement of even SLA targets.  You can report on issues of a user, issues in a project or, for maximum flexibility, issues in a saved filter. Creating reports based on 7/24 calendar or business hours is supported. Exporting report data to Excel is available.


Even if you are on your way, at lunch, in a meeting, Read Moreyou can easily follow your JIRA issues. Now,  JIRA is in your İPhone. You can see issues both Assigned to you and Reported by you. iPhone Client allows you to see issues that you search for 5 fields or specific text. Also you can save your search setting as a favorite filter and call it from Favorite Filter list. The other feature of iPhone Client is that you can choose to have push notifications for: Issue Assigned, Issue Updated, Issue Commented, Issue Moved, Work Logged.


Field Sync add-on offers you the ability to Read Moresynchronize the selected fields between selected issues that might be parent and sub-task issues, linked issues, and epic & stories. If you change the field value and synch is completed, than  field is also changed that on linked  issues . Also there are many advanced configuration settings for your projects these are: Direction, Sync on Create/Move, Allow sync on not editable issues, Allow comment sync on issues.


Sync for JIRA allows you to transfer issues from Read Morea remote JIRA system to your local JIRA.
Create multiple synchronizers to connect to multiple remote JIRA systems. Define JQL statements to filter issues on the remote system. Configure which fields to sync on issues, including system fields and custom fields. Target your local JIRA to transfer issues between JIRA projects on the same JIRA. Get informed by e-mail for failed issues. Export & Import settings as XML.


Auto Planner for TEMPO Timesheets is Read Morea plug-in for Tempo Timesheets.(Supports TEMPO Timesheets 7.9 or above) The plugin automatically inserts time plans in your TEMPO Timesheets Calendar based on information on issues. The plugin listens to create and update events on issues, assignee events and triggers the autoplan process when an issue is created or information on Start Date, End Date, Effort fields are changed.


User Property Manager plugin provides you to Read More add or change the user properties easily. Search the users by typing username, e-mail, user group, property name and value. If you want to add a new property, it easy with User Property Manager. Also you can make bulk changes easily in user property informatios.


Worklog Sync gives you the ability to move or copy Read Moreworklogs entered on issues to other linked issues on a JIRA instance.You can configure which link type and the direction of the link to be moved/copied. You can configure if worklogs will be copied or moved. A comment will be left noth on the issue where the worklog was entered and the issue where the worklog is copied/moved to.


JQL Select Issue Plugin allows you put the results Read Moreof a JQL statement as a select list field on JIRA screens. JQL service support makes it possible to include all valid queries for filtering. The plugin allows usage of more than one filter. You can decide with which feature the issue you choose will appear in your view screen. Allows you to use single, multi and label lister filter types regarding your choice. JQL Cache feature added in new version. From now on, running a JQL doesn’t cause performance problems anymore.


With “Baselines for Confluence” you can create Read Moresnapshots of your Confluence document space based on a date and time. This way you can access specific versions of a set of documents based on a specific point in time. The latest version of the document that is before the given time is included in the baseline. This mechanism enables you to create baselines of your documents which is a requirement for many software development frameworks like CMMI and standarts like TickIT.


Qlogger allows you to see, add, delete or update Read More your worklogs. You can search your worklogs monthly or issue based. Also you can save your worklogs to see later on. It is the compact and simple way to track your worklogs.


JIRA Turkish Language Pack add-on gives users Read Morethe option of using JIRA system with Turkish language. This provides more personalised usage experience for those who use JIRA in Turkish.
Confluence Turkish Language Pack add-on Read Moregives users the option of using Confluence system with Turkish language. This provides more personalised usage experience for those who use Confluence in Turkish.

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