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Create Better Software Together.

Since the technology is the strongest player changing the rules of the game, the concept of banking is evolving. Customers interact with the banks through multiple touch points with excellent customer experience, best product and price offering, at the right time, at the right place. On the other hand, there lays the bank with business targets based on revenue exploit, customer acquisition, cost decrease, efficiency increase in a secure and innovative environment. Omni-channel concept enables an ecosystem, established on a multi-channel strategy, where the bank and the customers “interact” with each other anytime, anywhere, through any channel with seamless experience. It is for sure IT lies in the core of banking. Together with a deep understanding of the business strategy of the banks, as well with the customer perspective, we help the organisations to digitally transform and adopt into the changing world. Our philosophy is to provide the best set of project deliveries that create value both for the bank and the customer, that allows the organisation to enable their business imperatives. We are here to enable the banks to maximise business results supported with a bunch of right IT solutions.


“I congratulate OBSS’ experts and development team for their high competency, for the excellent synergy they had together with our software architects, and for their work ethics that is based on a success-oriented approach.” Cahit ERDOGAN CIO, Yapi Kredi Bank

B A N K I N G   E X P E R T I S E

OBSS provides technology and software development services with its strong team to Turkey’s largest and most prestigious enterprises in the ­finance and telecom sectors.   Services offered include turn-key Java and .Net projects and outsourcing.
OBBS stands out with its extensive experience in;

  • enterprise architecture
  • project management
  • version and confi­guration management
  • software quality assurance tests
  • IT offshoring services
  • Mobile applications
OBSS, leverages on experience and expertise on;

  • Core Banking
  • Digital Banking
  • Consumer Credits
  • Commercial Credits
  • Credit Cards
  • Sales Force Automation
through both new infrastructure development and conversion projects.
“To meet our needs and expectations quickly, an eective development framework is essential. For that reason, we decided to use the reliable expertise of OBSS development team to develop and implement the project on GrayMound Framework, which is as ‑exible as Aktif Bank, as well as being an expandable, easy-to-manage, and rapid development platform” Mutlu OZDEMIR, Executive Vice President for IT/ AKTIF BANK
“We were following OBSS’ experience and successful implementations in similar projects in the ­finance sector. When we met, we saw that our perspectives of technology and our approaches to problems are similar. Even our experiences were similar” Bulent Erdemir, Head of IT Architecture and R&D Group at YKB.

D I G I T A L   B A N K I N G

The changing needs of the costumers and the harsh competition in between the banks and the new players in the financial area, leads the organizations to change their business model with the disruptive impact of digital technologies. The most crucial thing to be considered in a digital transformation process would be the utilization of the new technologies within the business model. When people are empowered to transform the way they do business digitally and implement the technology innovation basics into the strategy, a continuous digitalization would lead to the growth. We are here to help you to discover your objectives and put the right technological solutions together in order to maximize your business results with a super qualified team.


Our experience and expertise enable;

  • Decrease your cost-to-serve
  • Provide a holistic digital experience for both internal and external customers
  • Increase efficiency and performance
  • Decrease development cost and response fast for new requirements


“Responding perfectly to our expectations, OBSS stood out with its GrayMound development framework and expert team, and convinced us in the powerful synergy to be created for the development of our new internet banking infrastructure. Looking back, it’s clear that choosing OBSS and GrayMound development framework was the right decision.”

Tunç BERGSAN Vice President of IT Infrastructure, Anadolubank


“Throughout the project, we worked synergistically with the OBSS team. They listened to our needs and created suitable solutions; they effectively helped us during the decision-making process for technical aspects”

Denis HOXA Assistant Manager of IT, Banka Kombattare