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We seek a wealth of human capital

Intelligence is the ultimate instrument of value and thus our driving focus is to aggregate maximal cognitive capital within the walls of OBSS, always and forever, never satisfied, with an unending focus on encouraging intellectual curiosity as the ultimate nutrient of professional growth.


Talent is magnetic

Talent begets talent and that summarizes our recruitment strategy for the past decade.

It’s why we started out by recruiting amazing people, the most talented in Turkey; those unique individuals who ooze passion and have the skills to back it up. We did it by offering something lacking in Turkey — a Silicon Valley style of company with an amazing work environment that includes an opportunity to explore, to grow, to learn and to engage in projects that are challenging, compelling and just plain neat.

And as time passed and as our company grew, the quality of our team itself became a key reason that top talent in Turkey wanted to find a home at OBSS. In other words, we became the center of gravity for both some really cool folks and some really cool projects, and that makes really great people want to be part of OBSS.


The insatiably curious rebels in geek gear

Our value is our intellectual capital, which means that recruiting the brightest, most curious, most passionate individuals is our lifeblood, our focus, and our recipe for success. That’s why we’re fanatically focused on finding the best minds and providing them with a wonderful environment in which to grow, to explore and to be appreciated.


Cognitive Horsepower

We’re enamored by those who have spectacular neural networks because, to us, cognitive power is the machinery of revolutions, the fodder of greatness, the means to envision the seemingly impossible and transform the previously impossible into the next great breakthrough.  It’s a darn high standard, to have the vision and the external resolve to solve the complex problems with the simplicity of enlightened insight, but it’s a standard we set for everyone who joins our team, and it’s a standard that makes our team not only awesomely productive, but also simply awesome.


Simply insatiable 

The mind that is quiet is not the mind that discovers the remarkable, that contributes beyond expectation, who redefines the borders of technology, business and of the fusion of both. We seek those rare individuals who can’t quiet their minds because the world offers too much fascination, too much discovery, too much sheer joy, to not explore with an unquenchable lust for discovery.  We seek the insatiable cognitive explorers, whose journeys can redefine the path of a generation.

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