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(question) What does Witwiser do?

Witwiser is a fully automated accessibility tool. Witwiser enables you to take exam/assessment in a flexible way.

You may have your exam/assessment when and where ever you want.

(question) Why should I install the Witwiser Chrome plugin?

Witwiser allows you to perform the online exam safely.

Witwiser works integrated with Google Chrome browser without requiring to install a different application on your computer. In this way, you do not need to install a 3rd party application on your computer.

(question) Does the Witwiser Chrome plugin work except for during the exam?

No, it does not work. The Witwiser Chrome plugin is only required at the time of the exam. You can delete the plug-in or disable it after the exam.

(question) Is someone watching me during the exam?

No. Nobody is watching you during the exam. After the exam, Witwiser evaluates your session and notifies the required situations to the evaluator. In this case, the evaluators monitor the entire session.

(question) Who can see the session records?

The team sharing the online exam with you can monitor the session if necessary. Apart from the authorized people, different people are not authorized to access the sessions.


(question) Does my computer meet the requirements?

Before the exam, Witwiser automatically checks the system requirements and makes the necessary guidance. You may test your environment by visiting this link.

Taking exam process with Witwiser