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My webcam is broken/missing, can I have the exam?


Unfortunately, You must have a working webcam to start the online exam.


When I move to step 3, the Video Recording step is not completed. Webcam sharing gets error without being asked.


Click  icon that is located at the address bar.

After completing the steps listed below, click button.


I can not see myself at the camera frame on the photo identification step. / I see myself on the left side and take a photo but it can not be shown in the photo frame on the right side and it is not verified. / The camera and photo frame are seen fully black.

  /   /  


  1. If there are any virtual camera applications on your computer, all should be deleted.
  2. If you use an external camera, the computer's camera should be disabled on the Device Manager screen. 

    • Go to the Device Manager screen

    • Right-click for the unused cameras and choose the "Disable device"


Do you still have a problem? If you are a Mac OS user, Please visit Webcam Problems / Mac OS. If you are a Windows user, Please visit Webcam Problems / Windows 


Please click the link for watching the solution video.