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Create Better Software Together.








OBSS provides technology and software development services with its strong team to Turkey’s largest and most prestigious enterprises in the ­finance and telecom sectors.


Services offered include turn-key Java and .Net projects and outsourcing.

OBBS stands out with its extensive experience in;

  • enterprise architecture
  • project management
  • version and confi­guration management
  • software quality assurance tests
  • IT offshoring services
  • Mobile applications

OBSS, leverages on experience and expertise on;

  • Core Banking
  • Digital Banking
  • Consumer Credits
  • Commercial Credits
  • Credit Cards
  • Sales Force Automation

through both new infrastructure development and conversion projects.

“To meet our needs and expectations quickly, an eective development framework is essential. For that reason, we decided to use the reliable expertise of OBSS development team to develop and implement the project on GrayMound Framework, which is as ‑exible as Aktif Bank, as well as being an expandable, easy-to-manage, and rapid development platform”


Executive Vice President for IT/ AKTIF BANK

“We were following OBSS’ experience and successful implementations in similar projects in the ­nance sector. When we met, we saw that our perspectives of technology and our approaches to problems are similar. Even our experiences were similar”

Bulent Erdemir,

Head of IT Architecture and R&D Group at YKB.