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Intellectual capital delivered on demand


Code as the pursuit of elegant simplicity

  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Mobile Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Testing & QA Systems
  • Architecture

We started a decade ago developing software because our founders were, and remain, software developers with passion and entrepreneurial zeal that can never be satisfied. This permeates our corporate DNA and translates into dedicated teams of developers that meet our absurdly stringent standards for excellence driven not only by skill, but also by the desire and personality to care about the tiny details that differentiate from the average and yield the exceptional.


Purposefully thinking beyond conventional wisdom

  • Banking
    • Treasury Instruments
    • ATM
    • Consumer & Commercial Loans
  • Insurance
  • Mobile
  • Business Process

While technology drives nearly every facet of today, technology applied to business is ultimately a tool to make business…better. And that’s why we can’t imagine being a technology company without being equally passionate and accomplished at the art of engineering business solutions. This is why we’re a home to business domain experts, most of whom happen to have a fair bit of software development expertise too. It’s because technology done right, as a tool to build business, needs craftsmen of business.


An endless pursuit of the nearly possible

  • Robotics
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Software Framework
  • ALM

Intellectual curiosity is the ultimate instrument of progress and R&D is, perhaps, the ultimate tool for the intellectually curious. And as a bunch of folks enamored to our core with the premise that nothing is impossible, tomorrow, we’re committed to investing over 25% of today, measured in profits, towards research we hope will help drive tomorrow. Doing anything less isn’t an option for us because the pursuit of innovation is wired into our psyche.


Knowledge is the liberation of potential

  • Internships
  • Scholarships
  • OBSS Academy
  • Mentoring & Career
  • iTalent Roadshow

We’re unabashedly enamoured with cognitive endowments beyond the ordinary and that’s why we’re not only dedicated to recruiting individuals who are outliers, rather than settling for the middle of the bell curve, but we’re equally infatuated with spreading knowledge and sharing whatever collective insights we stumble upon during our unending journey towards the unattainable goal of perfection. And that’s precisely why we invest time, money and emotional energy in the future, one student at a time.