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Atlassian Consulting & Professional Services:


OBSS is a premier provider of mission critical products and solutions that include and integrate with the Atlassian product stack.  OBSS provides Enterprises with a range of consulting services that help them maximise the value from their investment in areas such as; Project & Portfolio Management, ALM / Agile SDLC, Continuous Integration and DevOps. From performance tuning and scaling to integrating with other systems in the lifecycle, we help organizations focus on delivering high quality software to their customers.





OBSS  consultants have incomparable expertise aligned to an understanding of delivering value to engineering and IT. They ensure the system delivered is configured, installed and tuned to align with both the the business and user needs. That experience and expertise includes advisement on the methodologies our customers should either adopt or adapt.



OBSS is also adept at dealing with issues of extreme performance and scale, working in environments where compliance is non-negotiable. As a result of this experience OBSS is well placed to provide assessments of your current practice and environment for proactive capacity and performance planning.


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM):

Our Application Lifecycle Management (OneCycle) methodology takes a holistic view of the application lifecycle, helping customers to plan and implement changes to their processes and toolsets. Find out more about OBSS OneCycle.