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The Repository of Agile Expertise

Though we’ve gone from a startup to one of Turkey’s largest players in our space, we have not lost our passion for the entrepreneurial ways. In fact, we’d argue that our success is at least in part due to reaming emotionally a startup. We love the fervor, the passion, the drive and the excitement that comes from challenging everything in the ways that startups, that true entrepreneurship, does.

We love what entrepreneurship can do for the world, the transformation that come from startups, the benefits that accrue to society as a function of the minds that refuse to not innovate.

For these reasons, we’re committed to helping the startup become the next success story that motivates yet another generation to take the leap of faith and commit the huge emotional energy needed to build the level of value in a “garage” that can transform society.

This commitment starts with offering training and consulting to the most promising startups for…no cost whatsoever. It’s just part of our contribution to building an ecosystem of value for our country and our world, and it’s a commitment that we hope is contagious.