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Part of our value added implementation services may begin with the migration of your data.   OBSS will confidently help you to migrate your current data, avoiding frustration, costly, and cumbersome processes.  




Our Migration Process:


1. Identification: The first phase of a migration project is to identify and explore the source environments

2. Assessment: Next we assess the quality of the environment we’re migrating from to understand what, if any data inconsistencies, incorrect or duplicate data exist.  

3. Design: We will configure the target system such that all fields, attributes and workflows are setup.

4. Prepare: Develop a migration process that is scalable and reliable and time-measurable.  Scripts are developed for transferring data to the target system.

5. Extraction of Data: After testing, the time comes to migrate your data.  In most cases the source systems are shut down and the migration occurs over a weekend or holiday to minimize the impact to your business units.

6. Transition: At some point after the migration you’ll move from the old system to the new.  During the ‘extraction of data’ phase, audit trails and logs will be reviewed to ensure a successful migration.  At this point in the process we also validate and report on the data we’ve migrated.


OBSS brings real migration expertise to each client engagement.  We love to solve problems of all sizes.  How can we help you?