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Mustafa Tan
Board Member & Chief Innovator


Mustafa, with his nearly two decades of progressive management experience at some of Turkey’s largest and most respected technical institutions, combined with his tinkerer’s perspective, entrepreneurial passion and unquenchable curiosity, is the driving force behind our R&D labs and the intellectual catalyst for the myriad initiatives under investigation therein, and yet he finds time to also spearhead mobile application development projects.  With contagious energy and the technical wisdom to discern fantasy from practical breakthrough, his stewardship ensures that our investments in the future are pragmatic and impactful, while concurrently spreading a contagious energy and enthusiasm throughout OBSS for all that will be possible.

Mustafa’s passion was likely evident to all who knew him when he was a child, but it was while studying at Istanbul Technical University, one of Turkey’s top ranked universities, that his natural talents maturated into a concrete professional path.