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We deliver expertise on demand


Expertise on demand

We’re the opposite of the consulting world’s “bodyshop”. We’re a team with deep knowledge of:

Software Architecture Services

  •  GrayMound
  • RedMound

Software Development Services

  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise App Development

Application Lifecycle Management Services

Project Management Services

  • Agile / Value Driven Metodologies
  • Waterfall / Plan Driven Metodologies

Business Domain Services

  • Finance & Banking
  • Insurance
  • Telecom


It’s this knowledge that we inject into client projects, by supplying a cohesive team stocked with right intellectual capital, and this enables companies to accelerate delivery of their business critical projects, done right.


Masters of the (Agile) Universe

Agile is the art of iteration as the catalyst for greatness. The defining concept is that brevity and quality are compatible, even within the largest enterprises and the most complex projects, if we abandon thinking of the monolith and, in its place, embrace the natural granularity of software development. Towards this end, Agile encourages a practical methodology of incrementally delivering shippable code, based on an equally incremental approach to analysis, design and testing.


OBSS is a repository of Agile expertise born and matured by a team of nearly 350 engineers, including a dedicated and highly skilled group of Agile Wizards – experts who encapsulate the knowledge, experience and the practical smarts that can only develop from over a decade in the trenches practicing what we preach.

It’s these Agile Wizards who power our Agile consultancy and it’s these minds that enable enterprises to agilely embrace Agile, the methodology and the mindset.


Consultancy Framework

Perfected over a decade of practice and refined by fusing an engineering perspective with a keen eye towards business imperatives, OBSS has developed an adaptable, flexible consultancy framework composed from six core modules as follows:


  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Transformation
  • Tool and Process Customisation
  • Development
  • Training



We infuse members of our staff, assembled in carefully crafted teams, to add the bandwidth and specialized expertise necessary to design, develop, test, deploy and maintain complex software solutions on time, within budget and beyond expectations.