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We deliver expertise on demand

With more than 200.000 man days design, development and consultance effort, Enterprise Software Development… 
OBSS Mobile is the leading mobile development company of Turkey focused on native mobile applications especially for iOS and Android…
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Agile is methodology, a way of thought, a process innovation that mandates evolution, adaptation, collaboration and continuous improvement…
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OBSS is the only Platinum Atlassian Partner in Turkey with eight years experience. OBSS Atlassian team is prodiving solutions such as installation…
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For a decade OBSS helps companies by uniting development and operations teams to automate and standardize processes for infrastructure…
Our philosophy is to provide the best set of project deliveries that create value both for the bank and the customer, that allows the organisation…
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With our certified (CKA) engineers, OBSS helps companies to modernize their development and CI/CD process using Cloud Native technologies…
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Expertise on demand

We’re the opposite of the consulting world’s “bodyshop”. We’re a team with deep knowledge of:

  • Software Development Consulting
  • Business Process
  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Process Management Consulting
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Domain Expertise Consulting
  • User Experience Consulting

It’s this knowledge that we inject into client projects, by supplying a cohesive team stocked with right intellectual capital, and this enables companies to accelerate delivery of their business critical projects, done right.