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The nuts and bolts of OneCycle

OneCycle is a platform that empowers and integrates Atlassian products and open source applications while also acting as an automation bus, composed of three core modules, which can be deployed independently or in a combination. These modules seamlessly integrate, as follows:


  • OneCycle Demand, Project and Master Plan Management;
  • OneCycle Agile;
  • OneCycle DevOps including:
  • OneCycle Analysis & Development Management;
  • OneCycle Test, Release & Deployment Management;
  • OneCycle IT Service Management.

OneCycle modules and orchestration across the processes


OneCycle’s AutomationBus enables a snap-in module approach, facilitating tailored solutions to specific organizational requirements while enforcing ALM best practices as defined generically or by enterprise standards, leveraging Agile or Waterfall project management practices.

Collaboration and transparency are naturally maintained by the data-flow aggregation intrinsic to the OneCycle architecture and, furthermore, the dynamic nature of reporting allows enterprises to be visualized and analyzed in real-time.

Orchestration across the tools and processes is controlled by the OneCycle AutomationBus as follows:

OneCycle integration across the tools


Additionally, OneCycle provides a single, intuitive user interface for all users, from business demanders to release and deployment administrators.

All automation is transparently delivered via an adaptor interface that connects disparate applications and coordinates actions at the direction of the AutomationBus. One institutional data repository is maintained, in real-time, and in a single repository, thus assuring a “single source of truth” for all enterprise IP.

Thus, we effectively automate the implementation of a dynamic, aggregated single corporate Wiki that delivers on the promise of effective collaboration between business, IT analysts, development teams and deployment teams.

In other words, in place of the more traditional and limited project-based analysis management functions, we deliver enterprise-wide product management, with automation, transparency and real-time dataflow.


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