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Yusuf Tok
Vice President, Technology Group


Yusuf is the orchestra leader of OBSS’s myriad software development teams and research initiatives.  A software development visionary himself, he now has over 15 years of progressive responsibility managing complex enterprise, web and mobile application development projects in various industries. His experience spans the full spectrum of enterprise complexities, from Turkey’s largest entities to small startups.

His practical experience and pragmatic perspective, refined from years in the trenches working with different platforms and various tools of the trade, ranging from bleeding-edge technologies to leading-edge of enterprise-ready solutions, makes him a pragmatic leader who routinely blends business imperatives with an optimal mix of software development finesse.

In the 1990’s, Yusuf studied Industrial Engineering at Bilkent University, one of Turkey’s top ranked universities, and it was there that his passion for software architecture and high performance software was incubated.